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Ashimo the future humanoid

 Automatic translation  Automatic translation Updated June 01, 2013

In 1986, Honda decided to launch several programs of research in the field of robotics, it is capable of designing machines to supplement humans in various tasks. In its fifth version, in November 2011, the ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is capable of running at 9 km/h independently and adapt in part to an artificial environment. Asimo pronounced "ashimo" is able to avoid someone walking towards him or plastic barriers. The robot of 1.30 m, is able to unscrew the cap of a bottle and a glass without spilling a drop, that's what the visitors, the Honda stand the Tokyo Motor Show, could see.
"I would like to introduce Asimo, our new humanoid robot, the first in the world with technology giving it a genuinely independent action. "Takanobu Ito, president of the Japanese group. The high sensitivity sensors that have been developed to ensure the autonomy of robots are used for motorcycle racing aids to race.
"Born simple automaton, the new Asimo today marks a milestone by becoming a standalone machine only able to determine how to behave in an unexpected face."
Satoshi Shigemi, chief engineer at Honda.


In some functions, Asimo is more productive than a human being.
For example, in the role of the bartender, faces three people simultaneously announcing their command, the little robot is able to understand everything, without asking to repeat orders from its customers.
Asimo is packed with technology and advanced sensors that allow it to keep his balance, to estimate accurately the position, the weight or resistance of an object to be grasped.
This little robot jumping on both feet or just one, also speaks sign language.
Before a soccer ball, the little robot is positioned in the axis, back, and shoot a shot gun.
The amazing thing is the precision of movement, everything is there.
Asimo has a particular shape, it is slightly bent on his legs, but after all, man is not he go through it before acquiring his posture straight?


Video: Demonstration of the qualities of Ashimo, the future humanoid.

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