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Earth, the crises of the planet − articles


Earth and crises

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Earth glides majestically on a ideal orbit, leaving no trace of the notice formidable force that drives it. We fall into the infinite spiraling constantly changed and we will never return to where we are today. Day and night while the sky unfolds a panorama changing over our heads, our Earth, this little stardust, turns on itself without worrying about tomorrow.


Often it shows wonderful images as halos, auroras or Southern... Earth is made of dust that is organized in the vast Universe. The interstellar dust are the building blocks of planets, they stick together to form small bolides, that collision in collision form objects. Each object grows at the expense of their neighbors to eliminate body moving on its orbit closest.


Life has chosen our planet to thrive. But it is difficult to believe that life exists on Earth only, wherever there is liquid water, there is a possibility of life even under the icy crust of planets or satellites of planets.


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