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Updated July 12, 2021
Composition of the atmosphere
Gaz Volume or ppmv
Dinitrogen (N2) 78.084 %
Dioxygen (O2) 20.946 %
Argon (Ar) 0.934 %
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 0.0415 %
Neon (Ne) 18.18 ppmv
Helium (He) 5.24 ppmv
Methane (CH4) 1.745 ppmv
Krypton (Kr) 1.14 ppmv
Dihydrogen (H2) 0.55 ppmv
 Where does space begin?

Image: a Franco-Russian team calculated that the atmosphere extended up to 630,000 km beyond the Earth (almost twice as far as the Moon).

nota: The space station orbit 400 km.
A plane flies at an altitude of 10 km.
  karman line

Image: The altitude of 120 km marks the border where the atmospheric effects become noticeable for an object when it re-enters the atmosphere.


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