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End of the world

End of the world, December 21, 2012

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2012 Apocalypse is it really coming?
In our technological world, humanity sees real-time brutal changes, it became aware that everything changes, adapts or dies.
This never-ending process, date several billion years, but we have no idea how this unpredictable world evolves. The adventure of men on Earth is at the dawn of another revolution, a new world order will now give way to a new form of life, more powerful and better adapted to the future ever more complex.
This mutation felt for many years, creates anxieties and fears, which will be exploited by the oracles of doom. Throughout history, the prophecies of men like to predict an end of the world soon. For thousands of years the subject is loved and some people try to persuade others that the end of the world approach, usually they announce fairly early, 3 to 5 years, this leaves time to do the quest. The prophecies are so vague that they give way to multiple interpretations and in particular the apocalyptic predictions that fascinate humanity. Moreover the number of predictions is so great that we can always find relations between them and this gives the impression that the prediction is relevant. Also, times of crisis encourage the preachers. Unconsciously we feel that 2012 will be a year of economic turmoil, our system falters and the fear of unemployment exacerbates this concern.


All humanity has already reduced his taste for over-consumption, which will result in further degradation, our economic system. The rapidly changing climate, is also the subject of a general consciousness of the link that binds all species in our environment is strong and we are not certain that all humanity will adapt. Many species, including humans, will not have time to adapt to these changes too fast: global warming, human overpopulation, the destruction of forests, plundering the oceans are likely to upset the balance of diversity.
For these reasons, the theories of the end of the world are a huge success.
To justify the disaster, the oracles of doom will search the descriptions, predictions and other prophecies, writings can be interpreted in order to feed this fear. And it does not fail!
Just refer to the writings of the Apostle Jean in the New Testament, Nostradamus, the astrologer of the Renaissance, to prophecies and predictions of the Delphic Sibyl, the priestess of Apollo, to the I Ching hexagrams Chinese, to Merlin not the magician, but the oracle of the Middle Ages Welsh, mother Shipton prophetess of doom, the Amerindian shaman Black Elk and more recently the Oracle Technology Web Bot (see videos).

 End of world (tsunami)

Image: Imbalances that we see are perhaps small events compared to major events that nature can make us live. We have no idea of ​​the great catastrophes that the Earth has undergone during its history, and one of them could very well happen again. Maybe we witnessing the end of a stable world?


Mayan calendar


The first Mayan calendar, divination and religious, is the tzolkin (year) of 260 days (uin). This calendar has twenty months of thirteen days. The second is the Haab of 365 days, a civil nature. This calendar eighteen months (uinal) twenty days each, plus five extra days Uayeb appointed. These two calendars synchronize every 52 solar years (18,980 days).
The Mayan calendar ends abruptly December 21, 2012, what some announce as the interpretation of the end of the world, programed. In fact, 2012 is the end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar.
Others cite an astronomical event that would disrupt the gravitational forces of the solar system, sending a large number of comets in interplanetary space, and of course increase the likelihood of collision with Earth.
Still others, announced a gravitational perturbation December 21, 2012, a perfect alignment between the Sun, Earth and the black hole from the center of our Galaxy. However, this phenomenon takes place every 26 000 years ago and the Earth has been through this configuration, more than 150 000 times. Collisions between comets, solar storms, reversals of the geomagnetic field, supernova explosions, nuclear war or the arrival of alien spacecraft warlike, scenarios do not fail to stir up fears and increasing pessimism.


As we approach the winter solstice 2012, you must agree to live in ignorance, to live without fundamental fact. Ignorance is the driving force of humanity. Ignoring the future makes man more curious and inventive.
Bossuet said: "We complain of our ignorance, but it is what makes most of the good of the world: do not foresee that we are committed...
Man builds his life on an absolute randomness, and that's exactly what makes master of its movements and freedom of its future. "
"Ignorance is the engine of humanity is what drives humans to move forward. This advances the story." Claude Vaillancourt

Note: The Maya civilization is a pre-Columbian civilization that lived in  -1000 years BC to 1500 AD.

 End of world (volcano)

Image: The supervolcanoes cause super eruptions that have nothing to do with the classic eruptions that is usually observed on Earth. Humanity has not seen a super eruption. These super eruptions can create considerable damage to the scale of a continent and have cataclysmic effects for life on Earth.

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