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Water Legacy

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Water is a ubiquitous chemical compound, ie, everywhere on Earth, essential to all known living organisms.
Water is the only substance of our planet that naturally occurs in three states, solid, liquid, gaseous, which directly depend on the atmospheric pressure.
Water has shaped our planet to give us these wonderful landscapes that surround us.
All forms of life depend on this one factor, that divides all living beings.
The water is perfect, it can dissolve the materials and chemicals. It houses items that will serve as catalysts for the production of chemicals necessary for life.
In each glass of water, there are drops that animal species have already shared in the past. It is water that we owe this great and wonderful diversity of life on Earth.
Water is constantly recycled around the world and in the atmosphere, float permanently 12 000 billion tones of recycled water. On Earth, The water cycle is a continuous process of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The water cycle is powered by solar energy, which allows evaporation from the surface of the sea and fresh water is spreading around the globe. In the deeper layers of the planet, the mantle of the Earth, a huge amount of water is stored.


This giant water tank, replace water lost in space, thanks to steam ejected during volcanic eruptions.
The water molecule is composed of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, the electrical charges of atoms of hydrogen bonds hold the molecules together. This fragile bond makes water a very special element. Hydrogen is produced very early in the history of the Universe is the first atom to form, oxygen is an element that appears later in thermonuclear fusion reaction in some stars.
Water on Earth is mainly due to icy asteroid bombardment, the start of his training, there are 4.2 billion years.
The Earth has received at this time, enough water to form oceans around the continent. Entering the mantle from the surface, water would have softened the Earth by reducing the voltage at which the materials are broken.
This feature is causing the tectonic plates and the emergence of continents.
In clouds, water can occur in three aspects: liquid, steam or ice.
Passing from one state to the other hydrogen bonds that link molecules together, break and restore, or releasing the suction passage of energy (tornado, storm, cyclone, lightning...).

 water on the planet

Image: Water extraterrestrial matter, came from space...

NB: At the summit of Mount Everest, water boils at about 68 ° Celsius, compared to 100 ° C at sea level.

Water extraterrestrial matter


Water is not the result of fumes emitted during the intense volcanic activity from the beginning of the creation of our planet.
Francis Albarède, geochemist French member of the Academia Europaea, the water is not part of the initial inventory of the Earth but from the stirring maintained in the outer solar system by giant planets.
The mantle rocks are poor in water, geochemists evaluate its concentration in two hundredths of a percent. It is the same on the sister planet of Earth, Venus and Mars. This is the main reason cited by Francis Albarède.
During the formation of the Solar System, the temperature would never come down low enough, in the space between the Sun and Jupiter's orbit, so that the volatile elements can condense with the material world. The arrival of water on Earth would therefore correspond to a late episode of planetary accretion.
The terrestrial planets are formed by agglomeration of asteroids, a few million years.
This constant bombardment from the beginning is between objects located between the Sun and the asteroid belt. This space windswept electromagnetic young Sun is too hot for water and volatiles are condensed.


This distribution of material is used to clean the dust on its solar system by concentrating the material in the planets in formation.
The gravity of giant planets distributed in all directions, asteroids covered with ice.

Image: By Francis Albarède, French geochemist, water is not part of the initial inventory of the Earth but from the stirring maintained in the outer solar system by giant planets.


Image: Image of artist, the water came from space...

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