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The mysteries of the Universe for children


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Curiosity characterizes the child to understand the surrounding objects, those that capture his eyes. Of all the objects, some are invisible but amazing, are the planets, asteroids, comets... The astronomy opens children's minds to observe behind the windows of our "spaceship" unfolds a beautiful landscape.


Astronomy is told as a story. For example: the solar system was created from a cloud of flour dust grains 10000, Sun has captured our huge 9986 grain flour. Of the remaining 14 grains, Jupiter, the largest planet in the system, captured 10 grains of flour. There were only four grains to other planets.


3 large planets, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn are shared 3 grains of dust cloud and the rest of the flour original, ie, 1 grain of dust, was used to produce the four terrestrial planets, Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury. You, me and all the animals living on this dust that transports us into the universe.

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