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Updated November 13, 2021
  Concept of symmetry

Image: the symmetries of space-time force objects to keep their movement. They make it possible to consider the same physical system from several points of view. In space there is no privileged direction.
When we move an object, it keeps its movement because the physical laws are invariant by translation and by rotation in space and time. This makes it possible to make predictions about its evolution. The physics here is the same as the physics elsewhere. The physics of yesterday are the same as that of tomorrow.
The symmetries are very useful because it makes it possible to connect between them phenomena which a priori do not have much in common. All laws are only consequences of symmetries.

  Standard model of the elementary particles that make up matter

Image: The standard model is designed to account for the interactions of elementary particles. One of the essential principles is to respect symmetries, that is to say the mathematical transformations passing from one description of the particles to another and which leave the form of the equations invariant.


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