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Updated November 11, 2021

Image: The self-organization of the material universe according to Eric Jantsch (1929-1980). In his book “The Self-Organizing Universe” Erich Jantsh has shown that the entire universe is self-organizing, from the Big Bang to human societies.
This diagram shows a "macroevolution" during which large structures condense and alternate with a "microevolution" during which new elementary components are formed. The light atoms form the stars which form the heavy atoms which form the planets which form the molecules, etc.
In this process the energy which is conserved is dissipated more and more quickly. It tends to irreversibly transform into heat: it is the arrow of time.


Image: the metaverse is a dissipative structure.
An infinity of coded information will be needed to create virtual worlds appearing and disappearing in the network structure of the internet.
The parallel worlds thus created and equipped with artificial intelligence will produce their own information. Thus the dissipative system (energy exchange, creation of entropy), and the spontaneous appearance of a break in spatial symmetry (anisotropy) will become chaotic. A new stage will be necessary in the macroevolution.


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