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Inflation, string theory and dark energy

Multiverse and eternal inflation

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What is the force that generated the cosmic explosion of the first moments of the Big Bang?
In seeking to answer this question that scientists had the idea of a multiverse.
The physicist Alan Guth is the basis of this concept.
The first moments of the Big Bang would have obeyed a phenomenal force, a repulsive gravity, a sort of reverse gravity. In 1979, Alan Guth gives to the short expansion phase, the name inflation. Inflation would be derived from a repulsive gravitational repulsion, this repulsion inflation would bang of Big Bang. Already in 1992 the COBE satellite we had sent a first image of this inflation, but in 2003 with the WMAP satellite footprint inflation confirmed with very high resolution, its existence.
Temperature fluctuations observed by COBE correspond to the predictions of the theory of inflation.
These equations contain another prediction that Russian physicists Andrei Dmitrievich Linde (Stanford University) and Alexander Vilenkin (Tufts University) will discover. Our Universe is not unique. They imagine a scenario remarkable, where inflation was completed in some areas but continues in others. New Bigbangs would occur continually, making born universes ever more numerous. This revolutionary concept is not unanimous because it is impossible to detect. But other indices revive the concept of multiverse. We know that the universe is expanding and that its expansion does not slow down but is accelerating. What is this force that pushes all the galaxies to move away from each other at a rhythm more and more rapid?
Scientists call it dark energy. They will even discover the very special value of this vacuum energy.


This energy would have a magnitude which is written with a zero, followed by 122 zero before the number one. However, this value extremely small, much smaller than predicted by the equations, explains why the matter of our universe exists. If we remove only 3 or 4 zeros, which is very little, acceleration would be rapid that matter could not organize itself to form stars and galaxies. In this concept each value of the dark energy is a different universe. With the string theory another indication is provided. The strings are vibrating particles which by their vibrations will give different subatomic particles. String theory only works if there are extra spatial dimensions, but more one studies the extra spatial dimensions and more are being discovered, as to reach the number of 10500. This seems crazy but string theory describes a multitude of solutions, each corresponding to an possible universe, a universe where the quantity of dark energy would be different each time.
The eternal inflation, dark energy and string theory converge to the existence of a multiverse where all the universes would be different in appearance but with properties unimaginable. Some have neither light nor matter, but because the possibilities are endless (10500), obviously there should be one that could look like our, this do to say the followers of science fiction there is a copy of our universe that we all have a twin who lives in a cosmic bubble.
While we have not seen these bubbles all delirium are possible. However, until today mathematics have often shown the existence of entities, before having observed.

 background radiation of the universe WMAP

Image: Analyzes of WMAP all-sky images indicate that the universe is old 13.7 billion years (with an accuracy of 1%), it is composed of 73% dark energy, 23% dark matter and only 4% of atoms, i.e. matter. Our universe is currently expanding at a rate of 71 km/s / Mpc (with an accuracy of 5%), it increased by episodes of rapid expansion called inflation and it will grow indefinitely.
Credit: Science Team WMAP, NASA.

Metaphysical universe


The universe is a cosmic bubble in a cosmos expanding faster and faster.
This bubble created another bubble that will produce others. Universes that give rise to other universes, is an interesting idea but remains speculative. If we observe the universe as we know, this is primarily because us we find there. This is what is called the entropic The Greek "anthropos" meaning man. Idea that the universe was set very precisely for the emergence of life and consciousness. principle, is a metaphysical principle. But any theory that includes our existence, and it will certainly that the world as we conceive it, must necessarily be consistent with our own existence. Thus, the development of the universe must be ordered to explain our own appearance. The amazing thing is that our universe has evolved to allow conscious entities to appear to observe it. Therefore, from our point of view (conscious entity in the universe), our universe is only one of many universes that could exist and there is nothing improbable that other universes exist.


However, our universe is unique because we can not compare to others. The field of physics is limited to the field of experimentation beyond, it is metaphysics.

Image: The universe is a hydrogen bubble expanding. This creates a new bubble that produces other etc. Universes that give rise to other universes, is an interesting idea but remains speculative. The amazing thing is that our universe has evolved to allow conscious entities to appear to observe it.

NB: Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy and theology, which focuses on research into the causes, first principles. It puts the knowledge of the absolute being as the first cause of the universe causes and nature of the matter.
 black hole and multiverse

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