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Galeras Volcano

Alert on Galeras volcano, Colombia

 Automatic translation  Automatic translation Updated June 01, 2013

A large eruption of Galeras volcano stratovolcano in southern Colombia, occurred November 20, 2009.
The volcano has triggered several alerts during the last ten years when eruptions of explosive nature, were observed. The eruption of the November 20, 2009, forced local authorities to declare an alert, calling on thousands of area residents to evacuate.
Locals have been asked to put masks to avoid inhaling the ash generated by the volcano. Geologists in charge of monitoring the volcano have triggered an alert orange, a few weeks ago, pending an imminent eruption of Galeras volcano. However, most residents refused to leave the threatened area. Geologists continued to insist on informing people about volcanic hazards.
The Galeras volcano came to erupt again in the night of November 21, 2009, covering the surrounding volcanic ash. This time all the communities near the volcano were evacuated. Already June 8, 2009, the volcano erupted ash covering the surrounding villages without causing damage by BOGOTA, June 8 (Reuters).

Image: A stratovolcano is a volcanic mountain which was formed by the accumulation, over the rashes (in hundreds of thousands of years at least), lava flows and ash levels. The stratovolcano is a volcano in explosive volcanism, which is characterized by very steep slopes, and the presence of a dome at its summit, composed of very viscous lava and gas-filled. Etna, Sicily, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and Merapi on Java island Indonesia are examples of stratovolcanoes.

 location Galeras volcano in Colombia

Image: Location of the Galeras volcano.

 Galeras volcano in Colombia

Image: The Galeras volcano is a stratovolcano located in southern Colombia that threatens to erupt.
Local officials have issued a code orange alert, meaning it could erupt at any time. Nearly 8,000 people living near the Galeras volcano.
They were encouraged to evacuate the area during the week of November 20, 2009 when the volcano again erupted.

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