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Galaxies from the depths of the universe

Our universe is really big!

   Updated June 01, 2013

Galaxies, there are everywhere if you look as far as the Hubble telescope.
Against this view here, nearly 10,000 galaxies is the deepest view of the cosmos in visible light.
Yet this is just a sample of the Universe that we see on this Ultra Deep Field, several billion light years.
On this impressive image is present in galaxies of different ages, different sizes, different shapes and colors.
Small galaxies red and orange, (there are about 100 of the image), are among the most distant galaxies, they existed when the universe was aged only 800 million years.
The large elliptical and spiral galaxies, brighter and well defined, are the closest, they are about 1 billion years, when the cosmos was 13 billion years.
Among the many galaxies, spirals and ellipticals classic, there is a rich collection of galaxies eccentric.
Some look like toothpicks, others cigars, others with links in bracelets.
These galaxies eccentric date from a period when the universe was younger and more chaotic, where galactic structures were just beginning to emerge.


Some appear to be in gravitational interaction. The image taken by Hubble's camera, is a deep narrow view of the cosmos.
See the cosmos from the Hubble Deep is like watching the sky through a straw 2.5 meters long.
Our universe is really big.
At the bottom of the image on the left corner of the sky, mostly empty, is located in the constellation Fornax, only a handful of stars in the Milky Way is visible. In this image, blue and green are colors that can be seen by the human eye, as some blue stars. Red represents the near-infrared light, invisible to the human eye, as some galaxies in the red glow.
This image required 800 shots and 400 of the telescope orbits around the Earth.
The total exposure time was 11.3 days, between September 24, 2003 and January 16, 2004.

Image: This view of part of the world, nearly 10,000 galaxies is the image the deepest ever taken in visible light. Hubble images of high resolution ESA.

 Galaxies from the depths of the universe

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