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Astrological forecast 2024 for the sign of Leo

Leo Horoscope

Dates of the zodiac sign of Leo

From July 23 to August 22.
First decan (July 23 to August 1)
Second decan (August 2 to 12)
Third decan (August 13 to 22)

The natives of Leo

The natives of Leo are fortunate to have come into the world under the most royal sign of the Zodiac. Like the animal that represents their symbol, Leos like to be admired and know how to show off. The pride and determination he displays in his actions make Leos a dominating being. He has a penchant for all things grand, even glitzy. Generous in general, he attracts sympathy, but he hides his anger badly if he doesn't get what he wants. The Leo is disciplined and imposes this behavior on others when he has a goal to achieve. If the Leo is authoritarian, he is not mean because his sense of responsibility pushes him to be fully involved in everything he undertakes. Recognized for his loyalty and his kindness, he is however capable of infantile sulking in case of dissatisfaction. In love, of an unfailing fidelity, the disappointed Leo gets depressed easily because his pride is extinguished with sentimental intrigues. Narcissistic as one might wish, the Leo finds it hard to go unnoticed. Endowed with great energy and an exciting optimism, his courage helps him achieve his goals. Frank and straight, without ambiguity, bad surprises are rare with him, as he is so well balanced and simple in his behavior. But his rather naive side on the edges does not protect him from the shenanigans of which he can be the victim. However, the blows of fate do not destabilize him, often taking himself for the navel of the world. The Lion has this annoying tendency to need to be respected. Ambitious and creative, he runs after success and social prestige. Sometimes, due to his excessive arrogance, he exasperates those around him.

As a family, Leos seek to impose themselves as masters, but their thoughtless actions can lead them to speculation and adventure. An idealist, the Leo cannot be content with half measures, to the point of being intolerant. Imbued with his personality, he misuses his will and his sense of power and goes as far as excess and ostentation. Exuberant, the Leo is a great enthusiast and the dedication he shows for a task he has chosen is exemplary. If stability is the fixed sign of Leo, firmness and generosity are its main qualities. Born between July 23 and August 22, the heat of summer is noticeable in Leos. On the health side, the Leo often enjoys a solid constitution and in general illnesses do not have a great influence on him. Endowed with an iron mind, the Leo is impervious to nervous breakdown, but his excessive emotivity can play unfortunate tricks on him. Little attentive to the care of his person, the Leo neglects himself, his attraction for sports activities however allows him to keep in shape. The numbers 8 and 9 are beneficial to him. The planet that rules this sign is the Sun. In the human body, the sun represents the heart, the back, the eyes. In the family, it will be the masculine image of the father, the husband. Leo's favorite metals are gold and diamonds. The colors that suit Leo are yellow, orange and red. Sunday sometimes smiles at the lion. Amber and yellow diamond bring him luck. The predominant element of this sign is fire. The opposite zodiac sign is Aquarius. Very compatible with Aries and Sagittarius, Leo is less compatible with Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Astrological forecast for 2024 for the sign of Leo

This year promises to be full of beautiful surprises for you! At the professional level, you will be motivated to work hard and focus your efforts on satisfying your superiors. Thanks to your diligence, you will succeed in obtaining their satisfaction. On the side of love, you will find a positive direction in your sentimental life. If you are already in a relationship, you will be inspired to rekindle the flame of your relationship. You will experience an increase in tender moments, sensuality and erotic pleasures. You and your partner will feel like you're at the start of your story, overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. In terms of health, you will make it a priority to stay in shape. For this, you will practice regular physical activity, whether you are a man or a woman. Financially, you will be pleasantly surprised by unexpected events. Although generous by nature, you will be able to control your wallet while pleasing your loved ones. As a family, you will constantly seek to receive marks of affection. Your children and your partner will prove to you how important you are to them, which will fill you with happiness. You will spend the holidays together and you will be delighted to make your family happy.