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Astrological forecast 2024 for the sign of Cancer

Cancer Horoscope

Dates of the zodiac sign of Cancer

From June 22 to July 22.
First decan (June 22 to July 1)
Second decan (July 2 to July 11)
Third decan (July 12 to July 22)

The natives of Cancer

The main qualities of the sign of Cancer are sensitivity, the need to protect and loyalty. Her greatest desire is a harmonious family life. The natives of Cancer are very relevant and often very intuitive. Their sensitivity and attention to others are remarkable. With a melancholy temperament, they appreciate security and meditation. They like tranquility and are very attentive to their close surroundings. Cancers are very simple and prefer healthy and pretty things at the same time. Sensitive individuals, they are deeply marked by any unpleasant attitude on the part of others and can be very touchy. All their life, they seek to avoid or resolve situations of tension or conflict, fleeing arguments... until they are cowards. Cancer is too emotional and somatizes very easily, especially in the stomach. He is subject to nervousness and anxiety as soon as he loses his footing in a given situation. So when he no longer manages to identify with his work, his performance decreases. Given their tender and compassionate nature, Cancer finds it difficult to impose themselves in a harsh and realistic world. It is the communion, the identification with his immediate surroundings, his home or his place of work that matter most to him, he wants to be called upon and loved. Cancers are also ready for all sorts of compromises to please others, in friendship, as in love. But once angry, it is difficult to approach and reconcile. Loving and caring parents, they are often demanding, stifling and dominating, they like to be needed their presence and their care. The sign of Cancer symbolizes interiorization, fertility, motherhood, the return to the past in search of the origin and source of everything.

Cancer being sensitive and moody, he must feel secure, hence his attachment to the home and the family where he finds the warmth and support he needs. To maintain this serenity, they can show excessive sensitivity turning to pessimism and going so far as to be possessive, with exaggerated jealousy. The natives of Cancer can then be capricious, shy and changeable. The element of Cancer is water and its planet, the Moon. The Moon represents the mother, the woman, the food, as well as the organ that digests it, the stomach. It symbolizes our feelings and emotions. It helps us adapt to change. This controls emotions and intuitive behavior, which is why Cancer is sensitive and emotional, as the Moon also embodies femininity-maternity, the world of feelings and psychic forces, the water-moon combination makes Cancer is an intuitive person, with a keen awareness of people. The numbers of the Cancer sign are 17-30-5-4-13; lucky numbers 3 and 7. The precious metal are silver - the mineral. The colors are white, black, silver and blue. Cancer's day of the week is Monday. Zodiac signs compatible with Cancer are, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. Signs incompatible with Cancer are Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Cancer's weak points are the chest and he often has digestive problems. Annoyances have a direct impact on the upper abdomen.

Astrological forecast for 2024 for the sign of Cancer

The coming year promises great changes in all areas of life, including emotionally and professionally. For Cancer singles, it's the opportunity to find their soul mate, favoring serious and lasting relationships rather than one-night stands. For couples, it will be a year to strengthen existing ties. Professionally, Cancers will be driven to seek out a work environment that suits them perfectly, even if that means making some big changes. They will be open to all career development opportunities and varied projects, and will not hesitate to change jobs if necessary. This year will be synonymous with wind in its sails for Cancers, who will be able to navigate smoothly towards general well-being. In short, this year will favor the positive evolution of Cancerians, who will be able to carry out all their projects by following their hearts. Nothing will be able to stop them, and everything will be possible for them.