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Astrological forecast 2024 for the sign of Capricorn

Capricorn Horoscope

Dates of the zodiac sign of Capricorn

From December 22 to January 20.
First decan (December 22 to January 1)
Second decan (January 2 to January 10)
Third decan (January 11 to January 20)

The natives of Capricorn

The native of Capricorn is a more reasonable individual than all the others, born under another sign. With a calm temperament, anger is almost unknown to him because he avoids arguments and other clashes. Having a keen sense of the realities around him, Capricorn never takes a situation lightly. Reliable and honest, his devotion to his people shows that Capricorn is someone reliable, on whom one can count. Sincere in his behavior, Capricorn hates deception to the highest degree. Adept at flawless organization, he hates improvisation and uncertainty. Capricorn is, in a way, seriousness personified. With great courage, he shows rigor, determination and a certain endurance in everything he undertakes. Strangely, he finds it more difficult to manage his hobbies. Capricorn asks a lot of others and when he does not feel respected, he takes on a shy air, becomes unhappy and withdraws into himself. With age, Capricorn shows maturity, he gains self-confidence and enjoys recharging his batteries in solitude. Despite his undeniable qualities, Capricorn does not like to surround himself with many friends, but those who do will find in him a faithful, generous and tender companion. He is honest in his dealings with others. His little miserly side certainly does not benefit him in his relationships. Capricorn is quite sly because he doesn't like to expose his moods, at the risk of coming across as cold and harsh, but that's a deceptive appearance.

However, it must be recognized that humor and jokes are very appreciated by Capricorn. Of a rather fragile nature, Capricorn is nevertheless a fighter, he knows how to face up, both emotionally and physically. Difficult to treat, a sick Capricorn takes malicious pleasure in neglecting the treatment that has been prescribed to him. Capricorn often has problems with his joints, besides, he is prone to succumb to nervous breakdown. A frantic search for solid foundations makes Capricorn eternally dissatisfied, he is quite Cartesian. Too strict with himself, Capricorn lacks imagination and fantasy. Introverted and secretive, Capricorn's apparent coldness is in fact modesty. The numbers 3, 16, 25 are beneficial to him. Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn. Astrologers generally consult this planet to know the chances of elevation of a person, his intellectual, moral or social capacities. It can help overcome difficulties and discover our limits. Earth is his element. Black and dark brown are her favorite colors. The sapphire is the lucky charm for Capricorn. Saturday is the day of Capricorn. Too selective and a perfectionist, Capricorn finds it difficult to find a shoe that suits them and shares the largest contingent of singles with Virgos. But once settled, the Capricorn knows how to show his fidelity and his stability. The signs with which Capricorn has romantic affinities are Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo.

Astrological forecast for 2024 for the sign of Capricorn

Capricorns crave companionship this year and will appreciate outings and invitations from honest, sincere people. Singles can go from a lonely heart to a loving heart, especially between May and August. For couples, the concentration will be more on the career than on the love life, but this will not prevent moments of sharing and sweetness. Some will need the support of their partner to succeed in their projects. On the professional level, this year will be marked by successes and an increase in maturity and responsibilities. Capricorns will be confident and impress their superiors with the quality of their work. However, they will have to be ready to seize every opportunity to evolve and prove their worth. Financial management will be wiser and more balanced. Capricorns will be determined and focused to face their duties. The three decans will have different opportunities, ranging from improving what they have learned to opening up to new relationships and moving towards achieving their goals.