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Astrological forecast 2024 for the sign of Aquarius

Aquarius Horoscope

Dates of the zodiac sign of Aquarius

From January 21 to February 19.
First decan (January 21 to January 31)
Second decan (February 1 to 10)
Third decan (February 11 to 19)

The natives of Aquarius

Penultimate of the signs of the zodiac, Aquarius represents hope and dreams. Aquarius is an intelligent person but he is also an idealist.
The natives of Aquarius are somewhat introverted people, which gives them a cold and distant appearance. But deep down, they seek to communicate with others.
The person born under the sign of Aquarius is a person who loves freedom. Above all, it is due to its independence. Aquarius is also a generous person because he likes to make himself useful and help others. The happiness of others also makes him happy, he rejoices in it. He is someone who likes traveling because he appreciates change and new experiences.
His main quality is his very keen intellectual capacity. But the native of Aquarius is a very nervous being. He is often on edge, he is easily irritated, his reactions can be unpredictable and he is sometimes very stubborn. When he is convinced that he is right, no one can make him change his mind.
Aquarius is also a very intolerant person. He sometimes happens to take decisions that are too hasty and that border on incorrectness.
The element of Aquarius is air.
Its colors are green, purple and indigo.
Aquarius has sapphire as a mineral.
Its numbers are 7, 14 and 20.
His lucky numbers are 1 and 7.
The auspicious day of the week for Aquarius is Saturday.

Aquarius gets along very well with a native of Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius. On the other hand it is not compatible with Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces. The planet that rules the sign is Uranus. Symbol of intuition, Uranus allows you to quickly assimilate a concept and facilitates understanding in order to open up to novelty without any difficulty. Uranus is often said to rule astrology. On the health side, his problems come from his blood circulation, he also suffers from urinary weakness. He may experience breathing difficulties and have a hormonal problem. On the love side, Aquarius is not at all inclined to marriage and wants to preserve his freedom. Appearing before the authorities to bind his life does not tempt him. For him, social conventions are only apparent marks. He can very well live in harmony and in free union with his companion. It is only when he has a child that he is able to revise his way of seeing. When Aquarius feels trapped, they prefer to run away or even back down. His partner must therefore spice up his life as a couple to prevent routine from setting in, a situation that Aquarius hates. Aquarius is a being of contradiction. He can be both a lively, reactionary person but also secretive because he does not open up easily.

Astrological forecast for 2024 for the sign of Aquarius

Health: Aquarians face a year where their professional life can be very demanding and exhausting. To maintain their physical fitness, it is important that they adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle by taking care of themselves.
Work: The unexpected can arise, but Aquarians must be ready for any challenge and show determination to succeed. By showing their skill and commitment, they can go far in their careers.
Money: Their hard work eventually pays off, their standard of living improves dramatically, and their financial situation is prosperous.
Love: For singles, this year is not really conducive to meeting a soul mate, but romantic adventures can occur. Struggling couples need to put aside their conflicts and strengthen their love. This is the perfect time to take it to the next level and formalize their relationship with an engagement or a wedding. Otherwise, if they can't get over their differences, it's important to make a decision and go their separate ways to start from scratch.
Friendship: Baseless relationships are just a pointless waste of time.