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Quiz No. 1 for Children: The planets of the solar system

Answer the following questions by helping simulator on planets.

1 - How many planets are there in the solar system?  

2 - What is the largest rocky planet?  

3 - What is the closest planet to the Sun?  

4 - What is the furthest planet from the Sun?  

5 - What is the largest planet in the solar system?  

6 - What is the seventh planet of the solar system?  

7 - What is the planet whose the plane of revolution is the steepest?  

8 - What is the red planet?  

9 - What is the planet between Mercury and the Earth?  

10 - What is the planet rotates more slowly in its orbit?  

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Simulator, rotation and position of the planets (dynamic graphic)
Simulator, the revolution
of the planets...