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Rama the alien vessel

Rama, science fiction or reality?

 Automatic translation  Automatic translation Updated June 01, 2013

Rendezvous with Rama is a novel (1972) science fiction of Arthur C. Clarke.
In this novel, which won six awards including the Hugo, the author tells a story, happens at the XXII century. Humanity discovers a huge cylindrical vessel of unknown origin.
Following the fall of an asteroid devastate the north of Italy, Humanity built a powerful system to detect celestial bodies may collide with the Earth or one of its colonies in the solar system.
In 2130, Martian radar spotted a gigantic perfect cylinder that enters the solar system. First identified as the asteroid 31/439, it is given a name, Rama (In Hinduism, Rama is seen as the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu).
When humanity becomes aware of his form with dimensions perfectly cylindrical, 50 km long and 20 km in diameter, they attribute to an extraterrestrial origin. For the first time in history, a mysterious machine built by an artificial intelligent breed has been identified.
The team's ship Endeavour, in routine mission, is responsible for getting together the mysterious vessel approaches the Sun. They gradually discover that this thing, apparently uninhabited, turns quickly on its axis and is occupied by strange creatures.
Meanwhile, the Commission meets Rama a panel of experts and representatives of the inhabited worlds in the solar system (the United Planets), to deal with this unusual situation.


The explorers will eventually enter the cylinder and discover that Rama seems to be a kind of arch space where the atmosphere is breathable and whose rotation quick recreate gravity inside.
In this artificial world, they also discover a maze of towers resembling human cities and in another part of the cylinder, a sea of ice.
This science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke, it would become reality?
Video placed on YouTube (video opposite) comes from NASA's STEREO probes, it seems to show a huge vessel vaguely cylindrical shape, near Mercury.
This mysterious object initially invisible, is X-rayed in the solar storm, when coronal mass ejections to propel Mercury, an enormous amount of mater.
From the comments of those who put it online, it shows a curious cylindrical light, appear briefly while filming the probe STEREO Sun and Mercury.
It actually sees on the video the coronal mass ejection and the sudden appearance of a cylindrical form falsely.
The dream of humanity is it going to achieve?
This image is it that of a giant starship from another intelligent civilization?
This could be a device evolved (like our small probes), abandoned for millions of years of universal gravitation, which happened to have been attracted to our solar system.


Image: Video placed on YouTube comes from NASA's Stereo probes, it seems to show an immense vessel elongated, among the stars near Mercury.
This mysterious object invisible at first, appears in the solar storm, when coronal mass ejections to propel Mercury, an enormous quantity of matter.
© siniXster-YouTube

NB: The STEREO probes are part of the SECCHI, a suite of five scientific telescopes that observe the solar corona in the inner heliosphere from the Sun, to Earth's orbit.

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