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Updated January 12, 2022

Image: In the geometric representation of a two-level quantum state, a qubit such as a spin, can be represented by a point on a sphere.
In this Bloch sphere, the first qubit (qubit 0) is in the 100% quantum state |1>, while the second qubit (qubit 1) is in the 100% quantum state |0>.
The points on the surface of the sphere correspond to the pure states (described by a single vector) of the system, while the interior points correspond to the mixed states, 20% |0> + 80% |1> (described by its density matrix with lengths and angles).
Credit: IBM Quantum Computer.

  Stream of quantum measurement results to the classical computer

Image: Workflow consisting in submitting a job from a classical computer to an IBM quantum computer. Once the work is done, the quantum measurement result is returned to the conventional computer for analysis and storage.
In order to minimize errors, in addition to the radiation shielding, the computer should be immersed in a tank of liquid helium at a temperature close to absolute zero (-273 °C).
Image credit: Andi Sama

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