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Astronomical phenomena

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Curiosity that characterizes humanity has allowed man to understand the astronomical events and this now gives a stronger sense of drama to what is happening before our eyes in our spaceship.
The "macro organism" Earth has a fever and panic all humanity, every flood, storm, tsunami and other earthquake pushed the fear of men.
Some scientists claim that the effects of global warming as announced, would be felt much sooner than expected.


Predictions are alarmist: a warming of 1.4 to 5.8 degrees Celsius is foreseen by the end of the 21st century, it will be the largest increase in temperature that the Earth has been known for about 10 000 years .
Between the ice age experienced by our planet 20,000 years ago and the hottest time she experienced years ago 7000, there were only 7°C. If the Earth's temperature increases in a century of 5.8 degrees Celsius as advertised, the living world will have to adapt very quickly and some species will not survive.


The first consequences of this warming are already visible. Indeed we see every day that glaciers are receding, as floods are becoming more catastrophic than the return periods of droughts more frequently, the Arctic sea ice decreases, however, the scale of humanity is so small compared to the geological scale that is pretentious to believe that warming of this magnitude has never happened in the past.
There are certainly many factors that can influence the Earth's climate and we are far from knowing them all.

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