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This astronomy site offers travel in infinite space that surrounds us.
The human mind requires to have a worldview that is unified and coherent, but it is very difficult to explain the visible world by invisible forces.
Yet we do not belong neither to the predictable world of science, nor the arbitrary world of the gods but to the world of life, that of duration, uncertain times.
We are in a world of unexpected events, trials and errors we are trying to capitalize.
There are 15 billion years ago a tremendous explosion of light gives rise to space, time and matter.
This gigantic chaos of unimaginable heat, propels a 'boiled' informs that will swell, extend in all directions and cool slowly. Today is captured in heaven, the trace of the radiation of primordial fire. The infinitesimal generated infinitely large: the universe, surrounded by uncertainty and constant change.
Curiosity that characterizes humanity, has enabled man to understand the major astronomical phenomena and this now gives a stronger sense of drama to what is happening before our eyes in our "spaceship".
At the heart of a nebula of gas and dust, the gravitational pressure and heat will initiate nuclear reactions. A star is born and around the system, revolve planets, asteroids, comets, small objects, gas and residual dust. The matter is organized around the universe in the same way and nevertheless the diversity of objects and stellar systems is surprising. The dust are the building blocks of planets, they stick together to form small bolides, that collision in collision form objects, which grow to the detriment of their neighbors.


Their masses and gravity increase, attracting themselves more matter. Collisions liberate large amounts of heat, the atoms disintegrate themselves and expect cooling to assemble molecules.
On a stable planet, much later, there will be assembly of simple molecules and complex molecules to reach this wonderful DNA molecule will now reproduce and store information, opening the way for biological evolution that we know.
The "macro body" Earth has a fever and all humanity panic.
Each flood, storm, tsunami and other earthquake pushed the fear of men.
This cry of despair that we hear around the world under the words, "save our planet" is nothing but fear the loss of humanity, because the planet does not care about the presence of our species transient.
Astronomy and ecology are part of the same story, as the demography and climate are the two essential parameters of the long term, so many articles dealing with these themes.

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Author: Christian Simoes, avid science and amateur astronomer. He participated in the SETI@home (search for radio transmission alien) from 1999 to 2004, participates in solar Stormwatch (Analysis of solar storms) and Program Search for exploding stars since 2012.

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